• Consistent. Common Sense. Conservative.

    Rex Rice is an authentic, consistent conservative who has the courage to stand up and fight the radicals in the Legislature who threaten to take our great state down a road that leads to disaster.

    From working the polls in the 1980s for Ronald Reagan to serving as a floor leader for two of South Carolina's largest tax cuts, Rex Rice is a results oriented leader.

    As a small business owner, Rex Rice has spent more than thirty years creating jobs, balancing budgets and meeting payrolls.

    After being elected in the Republican revolution of 1994, Rex Rice has been a tireless conservative reformer in the State House.

    He was the lead sponsor on legislation to audit and reform state government; bring innovation to education; cut income taxes; create jobs; and curb wasteful spending.

    However, he's most proud of his role as a husband and father, Rex has been married to his wife of 30 years, Ruth. Together, they have raised two beautiful daughters - Toni and Meredith and are members of Easley Presbyterian Church.