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Rex on the Issues

Economic Development

  • Provide standardized, fair, and transparent incentives for ALL job creators including small business

  • Develop SC Agriculture, standing by our Largest Industry

Regulatory Reform

  • Eliminate Burdensome Regulations to foster entrepreneurship and business development in the community

  • Assess Regulations for their Cost Vs. Benefit prior to sending legislation to the floor

Crime & Illegal Immigration

  • Free up Law Enforcement resources for crime protection by overhauling the judicial and mental health systems

  • Ensure that illegal aliens who commit crimes are arrested and deported

Conservative Values

  • Support legislation defending both Traditional Marriage and the unborn

  • Protect the Second Amendment and other constitutional rights

Education Reform

  • Provide primary and secondary school options for students to insure success and support the technical schools 

  • Eliminate crushing bureaucratic State burdens to simplify Public School funding


  • Reform and fully audit DOT to insure proper and fair use of tax dollars

  • Enact immediate efforts to salvage our infrastructure prioritizing increasing safety

Taxes & Spending Reform

  • Simplify our complex Tax System.

  • Audit Every State Agency for effectiveness and efficiency

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